What is SEO in 2012?

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In the world of Internet marketing, only one thing is constant -- change!

That said, it can also be stated that the chase for the perfect search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is constant, as well.

In today's online world, what does SEO mean to the Internet marketer?

First and foremost, any SEO strategy must begin with the most basic of tasks: enhancing your visibility. After all, it does you no good to allocate any resources toward search engine marketing if your online listings are bad, and you are unaware of your reviews and social media activity. With the number of online directories, social media sites and review sites mushrooming, it is vital that any business carefully manage their online visibility. There are a few skilled services out there providing this type of online visibility management, including www.localreputation.com. It would be beneficial to look into this type of service before investing more resources in your SEO strategy.

Once you have implemented a thorough visibility system, there are several important aspects of search engine marketing in today's Internet world you must understand:    

  • SEO incorporates much more than just what is on your website and what links are connected with your site. It now encompasses various aspects of traditional marketing, mobile searches and social media marketing.
  • The rules have changed regarding web content. It is no longer acceptable to simply post tons of content jammed with unrelated keywords. In addition, you need to consistently re-fresh your web content. Once search engines recognize your web content, it does not benefit you to keep those articles, videos, etc., on your website forever. Google and other search engines will rank you higher for new content than for gobs of content. That said, you do not want to eliminate content that provides important information to your web visitors, even if it will not help to enhance your rankings.
  • SEO now needs to focus less on link building and more on a broad range of online marketing activities: social media, email, promotions and content. 
  • As you know, Google is forever working to stay at least one step ahead of the SEO marketers who are trying to decipher their algorithm. But, it is clear that no matter what strategy or crystal ball you use to determine Google's secret formula, the search engine giant is working toward a system that rewards those whose search engine marketing is the most consumer-friendly. In other words, an honest approach that is not trying to deceive visitors in any manner will likely work best. 
  • Those services that offer article spinning or mass directory submissions are going to be less and less effective. You've got to figure Google will soon devise a method to weed out those listings and articles, so it's probably best to start phasing them out, if you are utilizing them.
  • We all know certain keywords are always going to be more appealing to consumers (i.e., free, sex, money, etc.) But in today's SEO world, simply appearing in a search directory does not mean your efforts are effective. Why waste the consumers' time if their search is not at all connected with your business? You will simply annoy those consumers and they will immediately leave your website. Even if the search engines do not weed out your listing, it's never a good idea to pull the wool over the consumers' eyes,
  • Today's Internet marketing must be at least semi-fluent in the ways of the Web. Understand basic code for JavaScript, SQL, HTML, ALAX, etc. ... Learn how to use weblogs ... Understand the differences between Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. All this knowledge will come in handy when examining your SEO strategy.

The most important tip of all -- keep learning. The Internet world and the SEO landscape will continue to evolve. You need to evolve, as well.

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